After surgery, stiffness, loss of range of motion, and a lack of flexibility can swiftly set in – therefore, an increase in mobility is of the utmost importance. Under water, the body weighs only 20% of its normal “above water” weight. By engaging in aquatic therapy, rehabilitation can be started much sooner because the body no longer needs to support 100% of its weight.

Our therapy pools allow for the adjustment of water flow through the jets, which allows the user to create appropriate levels of resistance – which is key to orthopedic rehabilitation. Exercising the muscles in a soft, gentle, controlled environment reduces the likelihood of jarring the affected area, resulting in further injury.

Therapeutic pools give the user a sense of confidence while regaining strength in the affected areas. As buoyancy decreases, resistance on the body increases. Eventually the user regains strength to the point where their body can safely and effectively support itself on dry land.

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