Young girl swimming in pool for pediatric aquatic therapy.Our therapy pools provide a fun, effective environment for children’s rehabilitation and strengthening. With a wide variety of control options – the strength of the water is easily adjusted to provide the proper amount of resistance for all of the various pediatric pool therapies.

Often times after an injury, a child cannot complete their full range of motion – this is typically due to swelling and inflammation. Buoyancy improves this range of motion, and once it is able to be reached in full, the muscles surrounding the area can begin to be strengthened and rehabilitated.

Aside from an improvement in balance as well as the rehabilitation and strengthening of muscles and joints, pediatric pool therapy appears to offer benefits in children with motor-skills impairment, processing disorders, and speech disorders. Most recently, it is believed that aquatic therapy may provide decreased anxiety levels in children with social disorders.

Let’s face it – it can be difficult to get children to engage in certain activities over a length of time (for example – a twelve week recovery). Therapy pools provide a unique, easy, and engaging environment for children to relax, regain a full range of motion in their muscles and joints, minimize their pain, increase and enhance their mobility and flexibility, and strengthen their muscles and joints.

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