Woman performing aquatic therapy for sports medicine.Part of being an athlete involves facing the potential for injury on a regular basis, and dealing/rehabilitating an injury once one has been incurred.

Aquatic therapy can assist in an athlete’s quest for rehabilitation and a swift return to the activities they enjoy. The natural properties of water allow for buoyancy and resistance to assist those engaged in aqua therapy in balancing, regaining motion, mobility, and strength. It is low-impact yet added-resistance – and water pressure helps to reduce swelling.

These pools also provide a high-resistance, low-impact environment for training for a wide variety of performance activities like running, swimming, and biking. This has the ability to improve a wide range of athletes due to the fact that many will use running and swimming as part of their training regimen, regardless of which sport they play. All of this can be accomplished safely and injury-free in the water.

Aqua therapy is commonly used for athletes that wish to increase their mobility and flexibility, maintain fitness in all areas aside from the injury, an overall decrease in swelling and pain, and reduced pressure on the affected muscles and joints.

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