I’d definitely buy another Hot Spring in a heart beat, I’m very happy with the quality.

Bill & Sally

We were really impressed with the Hot Spring brand. The therapeutic value’s been awesome.

Angela & Jason

I do a lot of physical work and I spend about 5-6 times a week in it. It really really helps, it helps loosen up the muscles and it helps get you ready for the next day.

Armon & Cindy

If I don’t start the day using it, the day doesn’t go as smoothly.

Brian & Katie

I wanted a Hot Spring hot tub and I wanted to buy it here. It was an easy decision-after we went to two or three other places-to buy it here.

Chris & Kurt

It has been absolutely the most flawless piece of machinery that I have ever owned.


Wes was wonderful and helped us out greatly… we chose one to go with that we just absolutely love.

Janice & Jeff

I love to run in the morning, come home and hop in the hot tub; to me it’s heavenly.

Joe & Judy

They guarantee how much they cost per month to run which is very efficient, we like how they’re made and they’ve (Poolman) been good to us.

Dan & Brenda

Overall, they know their hot tubs here, from the owner on down…If we do buy another one, it would be from here, no doubt about it.

Ken & Nancy

There’s no doubt in my mind that I would be able to give you a positive recommendation to come to Poolman based on our experiences…

John & Dawn

It’s nice to know that there are still people out there who believe in customer service even after the sale.

Scott & Lori

…you have shown us there are still reputable people in the “pool business.

Marysue & Charlie

It turned out wonderful and you did a great job coordinating and planning for us.

Matt, Melissa, Logan, & Lauren

I found your staff to be highly knowledgeable, friendly and on time.


This summer we have had no algae in our pool, and the water is as clear as can be. Fill pool, add salt, no chemicals, no chlorine smell, and easy maintenance. We love it!

Steve & Lisa

We appreciate the excellent support you have provided before, during, and especially AFTER the construction of our new pool. It’s nice to deal with someone who still wants their customers to be happy.


The crew…was unbelievably efficient and they came in and in three days they had the pool filled with water. I was a little shocked; I didn’t think it could go that quickly. I’m very happy with their service.

Liz & Mark

They did an absolutely fantastic job. There’s absolutely no complaints what so ever. If I had to do it all over again, I know I’d go with Poolman….

Matt & Melissa

Working with the Poolman was great. They answered all of our questions, they were right on time as far as putting it in; in fact they finished ahead of schedule.

Chad & Jennifer

The grandkids had a great time trying out our brand new Jetsetter Hot Spring Spa. But we bought it for grandpa and grandma. The Jetsetter has replaced our 20 year old spa with advantages that are just overwhelming.

Fred & Alice

Overall, what we appreciated most was your industry knowledge and the advances found in Hot Spring spas.

Sam & Pat

We really do appreciate how economical it is to operate, especially with the rise in energy costs these days.

John & Deb

From sitting in my hot tub I actually feel better and seem to have more energy…


I would place The Poolman at the top-of-the-list in integrity, kindness, and helpfulness.


We are LOVING our new hot tub. We could not be happier with our purchase AND the buying experience.

The Sorenson family

WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a great hot tub!!!

The Silbernagels

The spa operates for merely a few dollars a month and maintenance is simple and easy.

Ken & Nancy

There are cheaper spas out there, but I don’t think you can find a better one for the money.

Todd & Jackie

Our service was excellent and the maintenance is easy

The Westphals

We're very happy we bought a Hot Spring spa! Wes was a great person to talk to, explained things easily, and was very personable. Thanks so much!

S. Olson

It’s really like a vacation in our own backyard.

Jerome & Kim

I really appreciated the follow up visit to run my hot tub & use the chemicals correctly. Thank you for everything. I will definitely tell people about Poolman. I talk to many people during the day and will brag you up whenever I can.

S. Anderson

This is one of the best investments that we’ve made.

Tim & Julie

We love our Tiger River Spa from Poolman! The tub is easy to care for and great family fun all year round. Terrific product, superb service. I’d recommend Poolman to anyone.

The McClintock Family