When purchasing an in-ground pool, there are many things to consider. Poolman simplifies the process by offering only the highest quality options from KAFKO Pools.
The two most common concerns with in-ground pools are cost and space. KAFKO Pools offers pools to fit any budget and any yard, and they take 75% less time to install than any other pool construction technologies. So the real question to ask is, "What am I waiting for?"

Pools to Match Your Life

So when you get your pool, what are you going to want to do with it? If it's exercise you're after, let us recommend a lap pool. Or maybe you are looking for sophisticated evenings by the poolside. In that case, we suggest looking into a Mountain Lake or Liberty. Poolman offers 64 standard shapes & sizes from KAFKO Pools; which one matches your lifestyle?

Custom Pools

Do you have a unique yard that requires a specific shape? Or are you very particular about you vision for your pool? Poolman can design and build a KAFKO Pool to fit your needs. From custom sizes & shapes to exclusive building materials, Poolman has got you covered.

The KAFKO Advantage

KAFKO Pools from Poolman are built to last. All building materials and components are 100% Fort Wayne Pools®; an industry leader. And the pool wall and bracing systems used are so strong, they come with a transferable lifetime warranty!

Easy Maintenance

Forget what your father told you about the hassle of maintaining an in-ground pool, because those days are long gone. With advances in industry technology, you pool can be virtually maintenance-free, while retaining a beautiful liner, clean surfaces, and continued durability. Ask your Poolman sales associate for more details about how owning an in-ground pool has never been easier!