Quality Built Lawn Furniture

Quality Built Lawn Furniture, LLC. is a family-owned business in south-western Wisconsin. They began their furniture business in 1994, building wooden outdoor furniture in an old barn. As time went on the market opened up for a more environmentally-friendly product. In 2002 they began building poly furniture. Later they added an addition to the barn, and eventually tore down the old barn and replaced it with a new building.

Quality Built Lawn Furniture, LLC builds their outdoor poly furniture from the finest recycled lumber available - furniture-grade, high density polyethylene. Their poly furniture does well in any climate. UV inhibitors and colorants keep it from fading or changing colors, so you never need to paint or stain it. This poly furniture is easy to clean with soap and water. The lumber is resistant to fungi and will not crack, swell, or rot.

Their poly furniture is made out of recycled milk jugs. They enjoy building a durable, maintenance-free product with junk that would otherwise find its way into already overflowing landfills throughout our beautiful country.

Products We Carry

Camping Chairs

The 2 sides pull apart then slide together in such a way that you can easily take them with you in your car trunk!


Whether you just want to kick back and relax or BBQ some steaks and sit around the table, we offer high quality outdoor chairs in a variety of styles. All our outdoor chairs are made with high density poly lumber and will never split, rot, or warp and are virtually maintenance-free. No painting, staining, or storage required for a lifetime of enjoyment!


Our gliders are perfect for that sit down and let the world just keep going feeling. The glide is so smooth you will forget where you are! Just sit down relax, and let the everything else go for a minute! They are available in all our standard colors, mixed and matched to your taste. They come in all sizes! A single just for you, one that swivels so you can easily keep an eye on things, or maybe you need one that has room for your sweetheart, we've got that to!


Built for two and a favorite size for couples, our polywood outdoor loveseats are available as gliders or a stationary seat. Our recycled furniture is made out of milk jugs that would otherwise go to a landfill. You'll never need to paint this furniture and it will never crack or rot or warp, so you won't have to spend a lot of time keeping your furniture looking attractive from year to year.


Prop up your feet with a footrest or gliding ottoman. Like all our poly recycled furniture, these pieces help our environment by turning used plastic into a beautiful and useful product. Our recycled plastic furniture is built for a lifetime of comfort and relaxtion on your deck or lawn.


Whether you're a couple in love or just regular friends, a good talk on the swing under the trees goes a long way. Hang one on your porch or in a free-standing frame in the yard. These poly swings stay beautiful in all kinds of weather and never need painting or staining.


Outdoor tables on the patio or deck or in the backyard are great for snacks with the family, an outdoor dinner with friends, or playing a game together with your children. Like all our other recycled furniture, these poly tables are made from recycled plastic and will not fade or crack or warp outside.


Just like the Rocker your Great-Grandma had on her front porch. But will last Much longer! Made out of Recycled Poly Lumber, and Stainless Steel fasteners, This rocker will last a lifetime!

Table and Chair Sets

We carry a large variety of table/chair sets!  Contact us for details.

Outdoor Kitchens

Check out our beautiful new Kitchens Sets. From our Largest cabinet with a sink, to the simple grill companion!

Why Poly Outdoor Furniture?

  • Never needs painting...the color goes all the way thru and it never cracks or peels, simply what you see is what you get.
  • Low Maintenance ... Your Poly furniture has little to no need of maintenance of any kind, say goodbye to sealers and stain, if it needs that little extra freshening you may wash with soap and water or use your pressure washer under 1500 psi
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners... No more corrosive bolts and screws to deal with, even in harsh environments the high quality stainless hardware used will stand the test and continue to deliver Quality to you in your furniture.
  • You’ll never get a splinter, the poly lumber will not crack or splinter, it remains a beautiful piece of furniture that you will enjoy for years...worry free years.
  • No need to worry about the weather,....Cold, snow, rain, sun or salt spray if you live in a coastal area...your Poly Furniture will stand the test and will not discolor, shrink, rot or chip, and will be there for your enjoyment for years to come.
  • Colors...Oh yes many colors to choose from, Bright Pastel colors to the calmer earthtone colors, all for your choosing to match the color theme that you desire.
  • You are doing your part in preserving our environment, the product used to make the Poly lumber is milk jugs or other plastic bottles, 100% recycled HDPE..that normally finds it’s way to the local landfill. By purchasing Poly furniture you are helping keep hundred’s and perhaps thousands of milk jugs from filling the local landfill, instead using them in a very unique and useful product.
  • It’s all made right here in the USA, You get the finest furniture available that is hand-made with Recycled material from right here where you would expect it....at Home in the USA! where we build with purpose and stand behind our products.