The TidalFit exercise pool is built to the same world-class quality standards for which May Manufacturing is recognized throughout the spa industry. Designed with an ideal combination of innovative engineering and artistry, the TidalFit is as constant in quality as it is in efficiency and design. Some of the most discriminating buyers acquire this exercise pool because it is intuitively user-friendly, in addition to being aesthetically appealing. Simply put, with its quality workmanship and exceptionally attractive features, the TidalFit is in a class of its own.

Swimming is one of the most inclusive forms of exercise because people of all ages and at all levels of fitness can enjoy it (it is often utilized in various Pediatric settings). It is considered the perfect exercise because it doesn’t put pressure on bones and joints, making it particularly useful for people with conditions like Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Pain. Also, swimming exercises all major muscle groups, which improves muscle strength (useful for those with Neurological & Neuromuscular conditions), endurance, enhances cardiovascular conditioning, and improves overall flexibility - all of which have the potential to have a positive impact on Orthopedic RehabilitationWeight Loss, and general Sports Medicine applications.

Available TidalFit Models

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The TidalFit exercise pool provides a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular function, as well as furnishing upper and lower body strength training and endurance training. After a TidalFit workout, you can indulge yourself in the ultimate relaxation as you enjoy the soothing comfort of the hydrotherapy jets massaging tired muscles. Standard features such as a cascading waterfall and underwater lighting all add to the quality and ambience of this experience. As the industry leader in product design and craftsmanship, May Manufacturing has built the TidalFit exercise pool to deliver significant results in personal fitness, along with outstanding hydrotherapy benefits — all in one package.

TidalFit pools can be equipped with a commercially rated pumping system that produces a current of 400 gallons of water per minute. This pump system is equipped with adjustable swim jets and variable flow controls that allow swimmers of all fitness levels to determine their own desired level of intensity. Dual and quad adjustable swim jets are available for advanced swimmers or for those who seek a greater challenge.

The three main goals of exercising are muscle strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning, and overall flexibility. Stretching the muscles before and after a workout is key to preventing injuries and sore muscles from an extensive workout. The sidebars in the TidalFit pool make stretching easy and convenient.

Smooth, low-impact, and non-load bearing, rowing spreads the exercise intensity evenly over the body’s three major muscle groups: the torso, legs, and arms. This even distribution of exercise helps tone all muscles, instead of just one group.

Resistance cords are used in the TidalFit pool for curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, shoulder pulls, and back pulls. These upper body exercises are specifically designed to build strength and lumbar core stability. The cords vary in size to accommodate beginning and advanced conditioning.

The SUPERSWIM belt attachment supplies an additional dimension to the TidalFit’s exercise options. The buoyancy of water provides a virtually weightless environment, letting you walk with minimal stress on joints and bones. Walking against the resistance of water also increases the rate at which you burn calories and strengthen muscles.

The American Heart Association reports that regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke and strengthens the heart, as well as relieving stress. In addition, regular exercise improves blood circulation, keeps joints flexible, and decreases insulin requirements for people with diabetes. These are only a few of the greatest benefits. A regular exercise routine manifests so many more advantages, such as strengthening the immune system, improving cognitive functions, helping manage weight, and – above all else – enhancing a person’s overall well-being.

After your workout, your exercise pool has what you need after your exertions — hydrotherapy relaxation. Standard features include a soothing cascade waterfall and underwater lighting. Optional features that may suit your needs include: the Helix Hydrotherapy Jet System with variable flow control, the Badu Swim Jet System, the LED Lighting System, and an Aquatic Symphony Stereo System with four speakers, a sub woofer, an LCD panel, and a remote control.

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