Tuff Pools offers a portable pool that doesn't follow the industry standards; it sets them. A leader in quality and design since 1991, Tuff Pools offers superior products that won't break the bank.

Tuff Pools are a great alternative to an in-ground pool! Tuff Pools offers a portable pool designed to last and function like an in-ground pool. All of the equipment, accessories, and plumbing are very similar to that of an in-ground pool…but at a fraction of the price.

Rectangle Pools
The rectangle pools from Tuff Pools come in a variety of sizes to match your unique needs and available space. These pools have the most durable frame design available today, complete with inter-connecting frame rails that lock into position on the top, sides, and bottom.

• 9' x 17' x 4' • 13' x 25' x 4'
• 9' x 21' x 4' • 17' x 30' x 4'
• 13' x 21' x 4' • 13' x 47' x 4'

Round Pools
There is nothing else on the market like the round Tuff Pool. Having only two metal hardware parts, it is simple to install and extremely durable. The round pool from Tuff Pools offers the most pool for the money, and comes in 4 sizes to match any size family!

• 13' x 4'

• 15' x 4'

• 20' x 4'

• 25' x 4'

Specialty Pools

The specialty pools from Tuff Pool add fun and function to the already proven strength and durability of the original Tuff Pool designs. From a rock pool with a more aesthetically pleasing exterior, to a swim fit pool for the exercise swimmer, to a view pool that adds fun for kids and safety for supervisors, the specialty pools from Tuff Pool are unmatched in the industry.